Building educational links

Lidget Green PrimaryWe work with students of all ages and abilities as there are many aspects to the building trade to assist teachers in teaching, motivating and inspiring young minds.

We are working with student architects from the University of Nottingham providing them with a unique opportunity to learn about some of the exciting projects underway in Bradford. Their first visit was to Margaret McMillan Tower during the renovation works and more recently we have worked with a primary school teaching children to build a wall. There is nothing more valuable than supporting teachers by extending the learning environment and providing hands on experience. This interaction can sometimes lead to students considering apprenticeships within the building industry as a result of the enjoyable practical experience.

BTS Apprentice of the Year 2015Each year, we take on apprentices for various trades. The apprenticeships are in partnership with City Training Services (Bradford College) and last for approximately 4 years ensuring that they reach a very high standard by the end of the apprenticeship. This leaves them in a strong position to be able to compete for jobs both in the public and private sector.