Service Level Agreement at a glance

GOOD NEWS! The standard price of our Technical Fee for 2021 remains the same as 2020 for all our customers.  We are doing all we can to assist our customers through the pandemic and this is just another small way of helping out.

The prices contained within this section are for schools only. Cost for non school customers are based on meters squared of the property size.  If you are not a school and would like an SLA then please contact us to discuss your requirement.

The package covers advice and support on technical issues and contract administration, when using our approved contractors through us only. It does not cover the contractors costs for repairs, maintenance or works carried out. All Annual subscriptions run in line with the financial year - April to March and customers will be charged accordingly. Prices do not include VAT.  SLA subscription renewals can be submitted from January onwards but must be done by the end of March 2020 (unless otherwise agreed with BTS) as late submissions may incur an admin charge. Schools can register directly from our website (which links to Bradford Schools Online) or via the normal Bradford Schools Online route.

Where we are charged an abortive fee for a service visit (requested by the customer) that is no longer required (but has not been cancelled with us in a timely manner), then the full cost of that charge will be invoiced to the customer.  This also applies if the equipment to be serviced is not on site at the time of the visit or if the customer refuses the contractor access to the site when an appointment has been made (and agreed) in advance of the visit. 

Customers can take advantage of a price freeze (of the base SLA cost) for the length of an SLA if signing up for 2 years or more. 

For 2021-22 each school will be charged a flat fee of: £466.14, plus:

  • per primary school pupil (based on the most recent pupil numbers on roll): £1.14
  • per secondary school pupil (based on the most recent pupil numbers on roll): £0.94

The package includes the following:

Service Local Authority School Academy/Free School
Technical advice and support including any necessary expertise to support the school in a major incident/disaster situation to ensure the school returns to being operational as soon as possible
Out of hours support
Condition surveys (including production of reports for governors) Additional cost
Price available on request
Portable Appliance Testing (contract administration, advice and support)
Electrical fixed wiring testing (contract administration, advice and support)
Asbestos management Management Plan on site included in the SLA but additional cost for all else. Price available on request provided up-to-date electronic plans are available.
Legionella (contract administration, advice and support)
Burner servicing (contract administration, advice and support)
Lifts and lift appliances (advice and support)
Fire risk assessments (advice and support) Additional cost
Price available on request provided up to date electronic plans are available
Compliance works (contract administration, advice and support)
Access to approved suppliers and preferential rates

Your base cost covers the services above but you can select the services you would like us to manage as part of the SLA subscription from the Service List.  All customers are expected to register for the SLA via the website.  Once you submit the completed online SLA document you can still add/remove tasks throughout the contract by contacting us with the amendment. You can also buy into additional services as shown throughout this website and in the brochure or request us to carry out any repairs/maintenance on your behalf for any issues identified. You will be charged separately for any contractor charges/costs incurred for such repairs/maintenance over and above the base SLA cost.  

Payment method

An invoice for the SLA Technical Fee will be sent to the school following receipt of the subscription. 

The SLA Technical Fee will be fixed for the term of the agreement on the subscription form so may offer savings for long term subscriptions. Schools signing for one year  may be subject to an increase in price for subsequent years.