Solar panel design and installation

Photo of engineers fitting solar panelsBuilt Environment have a team of qualified engineers who can design and install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels to generate electricity. The generation of electricity by the PV Panels will help you to reduce your energy bills.

Buildings where these have already been installed include the Industrial Museum, St James Wholesale Market, Britannia House and Shipley Pool.

Saltaire Primary School became the first school to have solar panels installed by us in 2013.

Our team can provide you with advice and guidance as part of the SLA but procurement and installation of the panels is not included within the package.

A quote can be obtained on enquiry as each customers request will be unique and not all premises will be suitable for location of the panels.

We also provide a monitoring service to ensure the panels are functioning to capacity.

This item is sold as a relatively maintenance free system, however we can provide a system health check service to ensure that they are maintaining their recommended output.

This service will include ensuring panels are clean and dirt free and measuring outputs.

The cost would be charged on a day rate for our Solar PV Engineers.

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