Lifts and lifting appliances

Lifts, Lifting Appliances (ceiling hoists, mobile hoists, platform hoists etc) are all covered under the LOLER Regulations and require testing and servicing at predetermined intervals that vary dependant upon the type of lifting equipment/ appliance being considered. For example passenger lifts must be tested, inspected by the insurer every 6 months and should ideally be serviced monthly.

Our Lifts Maintenance Section has contracts in place that cover all types of Lifts and Lifting Appliances.

The cost of the following services are incorporated within your annual subscription fee:

  • Advice and guidance as required on the type of service that should be in place to comply with legislation.
  • Technical support and guidance on any changes to legislation and regulations.
  • Advice on the feasibility of installation of lifts or lifting appliances (this does not include the preparation, specification and tendering etc., involved in the provision of new installations which can be provided for a percentage fee based on the cost of the full installation).

This does not include the contractors/insurers charges for inspection, tests, servicing and any repairs needed.