Legionella monitoring programme

There are currently two options that you can choose from:

✔ indicates tasks included in Service Option

Task Frequency Option 1 Option 2
Check temperatures in flow and return pipework at calorifiers Monthly  X
Check water temperature up to one minute to see if it has reached 50°C in the sentinel hot taps Monthly  X
Check that temperature is below 20°C after running the water for up to two minutes in the sentinel cold taps Monthly  X
Dismantle, clean and descale shower heads and hoses Quarterly  X
Flush the drain valve at the base of the calorifier to remove sediment, silt or scale build up Quarterly  X
Check tank water temperature remote from ball valve and mains temperature at ball valve Six Monthly
Arrange for samples to be taken from hot water calorifiers in order to note the condition of the drain water Annually
Visually inspect cold water storage tanks and make recommendations for remedial works as necessary Annually
Check representative hot taps for temperature on a rotational basis Annually  X
Check representative cold taps for temperature on a rotational basis Annually  X
Audit site personnel records Each Visit  ✔
Annual Management review (new requirement) Annually X X
Risk Assessment 
A valid risk assessment should already be in place but regularly reviewed and updated as and when changes result in a change in monitoring regime.  A new one to be done if there has been any major change to the water system or a change in use of the building
Annually + as and when required

If you would like to procure one of these services please confirm which Option you prefer by writing in the comments box on the subscription form.

If services are secured and managed with an alternative contractor, you will assume responsibility for the upkeep of onsite records and compliance of the monitoring regime.

In the event that you decide not to use our approved contractor then please ensure that you have a valid and accurate risk assessment and provide your chosen contractor’s details on the subscription form. We can then update the Council's records.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Darren Briggs on 01274 431768.