Air conditioning and ventilation systems

Air conditioning/ventilation systems are covered in F-Gas 2009 Regulation which you should comply with.

Areas usually covered by air conditioning/ventilation systems include:

  • Data Centres
  • Sports Facilities
  • Changing Areas
  • General Offices

Photo of an air conditioning unitThe cost of this service depends on the size and type of the unit you have but we offer maintenance and breakdown cover for these systems also.

We will survey your equipment and make recommendation on what that equipment should serve and what service regime is required.

Frequency of service is dependent on the outcome of the survey results i.e. Bi-Annually, quarterly etc.

If you would like to procure any of these services please tick the relevant box on the subscription form.

If you do not take up this option to join the centrally organised contract, you must make your own arrangements with a suitable qualified registered company.

Should services be secured with a contractor and not Built Environment then please provide us with the contractors name on the subscription form so that we may update the Council’s records.